to your e-problems.

At Tortle Corp., we believe that management is not only a matter of delivering in time the expected products, although doing it in a reliable manner is mandatory for a company to succeed and have credibility. But it’s also a matter of understanding the technologies involved, so that management can bring its full added value and impulse the strategy to outperform the market.

Flexibility, adaptability, scaleability are all buzz words everybody is using with more or less success. Today’s and tomorrow’s Quality needs to be guaranteed through the necessary technology and experience.

“Bubbles” are created in the high tech economy because many of its actors are not knowledgeable on its history and its technological fundamentals. At Tortle.corp, we give you the opportunity to avoid these pitfalls.


Finding e-solutions...

Tortle Corp. provides services to high tech companies.

Its services include:

* Executive management, operational management, and development management

  1. *Audit, studies and reports on specific topics, especially related to software development, internet protocols, security, networking and telecommunications

  2. *Software Engineering, WEB2.0 development, web hosting and customized applications involving Java, Apache, Unix, Mysql, AJAX, ...